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Public and private companies, federal/state/city/local governments, and international businesses have continued to partner with Telephone Components, Inc. (TCI) to develop a mutually beneficial procurement process that focuses on providing quality telephone products expediently at competitive rates.




Cords and Connectors


Transmitters and Receivers


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Top-Quality Commercial Equipment for Strong Connections

Our products include but are not limited to manufacturing generic handsets and component parts for installation in airports, buses, fire stations, hospitals, hotels, mines, movie sets, museums, national parks, public safety stations, railroads, space stations, visitation rooms, and more…

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Telephone Components, Inc. (TCI) is a women-owned, small business operating since 1969.  Throughout the many years we have been in business, the company prides itself on providing superior service and quality telephone products to our customers.

The Team Behind The Company

Our management, sales, and technical support staff consists of well-trained, resilient team members who have a combined experience of 75+ years in the telecommunications industry and we intend to serve our customers for years to come.                                   

Building Location - 946 Baker Lane, Winchester, VA  22603

Clients We Serve

  • Public Entities

  • Private Companies

  • Federal, State, City, and Local Government Agencies

  • International Businesses

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We firmly believe that every customer looking for value-manufactured replacement handsets and component parts requires that extra level of attention to detail, tailor-made to meet your specifications.

If you need it, we can make it so contact us today and let us help you meet your telecommunications needs!  And, thank you for your business, we are here to serve you.