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Telephone Handsets: Push-To-Talk
· TG-4 PBS
Telephone Handsets: Standard
· G-1
Telephone Handsets: Pay Station
· PS-120
· PS-150
Bus Handset Assemblies
· TG-41010BBP
· TG-419X1012
AAR Railroad Handset
Multi-Purpose System
· Model 1015B
Telephone Handset Cords
· TC-4 Coil Cord
· TC-4M Coil Cord
· TC-6 Coil Cord
· TC-6 S/M Coil Cord
· Heavy Duty Coil Cord
· Shielded Heavy Duty Coil Cord
· GT-90 Armored Cord
Hook Switches
· 1010
· 1015
Telephone Handset Hangers
· 1010 Cradle
· 1015A
· FD-12 Spring Loaded Handset Hanger
· 1016
· 101 “G”, “K” and “HH” Style
· 1010C
Back Plates
· 1010CSTP
· 1010BBP
· 1012
Telephone Handset Transmitters
· Pre-Amp Dynamic Transmitter ST5D
(replaces Shure Bros 97C273B and Motorola 59-82933C0)
· EMS 93 Electret Transmitter
· Carbon Transmitter T-2
· Carbon Transmitter T-1
· EMS-94 IPC
· Carbon Equivalent Electret EMS-94
· Transmitter Cup
· DT-05 Transmitter
· DT-05C Transmitter Cup
Telephone Handset Receivers
· DR01/DR01V
· NR85
· HR-99
· DR-07
Wire Connectors
· 2 Pole
· 3 Pole
Railroad Handset Component Parts
· 74R01 Black Plastic Receiver Cup
· 74T01 Black Plastic Transmitter Cup
· DR01 Magnetic Receiver Hearing Aid Compatible
· DR01V Magnetic Receiver Cartridge w/varistor HAC
· Carbon Transmitter Cartridge
· T100C Transmitter Cup
· EMS-94 Carbon Equivalent Electret
· SC2 Stainless Steel Plate Screws
· 741SSP Stainless Steel Switch Plate
· 741PB Black Plastic Push Bar
· 741CS Brass Actuator Spring
· 741FG Flat Actuator Gasket
· 741SA Switch Box - includes leaf contacts and solder leads
· 741PBTS Push Button Toggle Switch
· 74H01 Black Plastic Handle
· NP5 Black Retractable Coil Cord (untrimmed)
· RB1 Rubber Grommet Handset End
· BU1 Rubber Grommet Handset End
· RE3 Railroad Type Connector, AAR specs.
· 741CSA2A 2 Form “A” Self-Contained Switch
· ST5D Pre-Amp Dynamic Transmitter

Bus Handset Assemblies


Optional Back plates Available:

Top Switch

Bracket with Switch
and Compression Fittings

[images shown with slight angle to emphasize the switch location]


When not otherwise specified, we will supply our universal model which is designed to work with the majority of OEM handsets. Switching arrangement and wiring connections may be varied. Please send drawing of the specific requirements of your job or application

When the handset is in 'on hook' position, radio speaker operates in the normal manner. When the handset is lifted, the speaker is cut our and the handset earphone is enabled to receive, allowing for private conversation. Handy bar/toggle switch in handset acts as a transmit/receive toggle. Push to talk - release to listen.

The Bus Handset Assembly comes complete with heavy duty G-4 handset fitted with your choice of a heavy duty cord, armored cable or PVC cord. Your choice of transmitter, receiver and optional switches.

Assembly complete with optional power and radio connectors:

Optional Cables:

Generic replacement for
Motorola P/N 30-80268L02

Generic replacement for
Motorola P/N 30-84521C01



New, improved design allows you to replace unit's component parts without completely disassembling the hanger!

The model TG-419X1012 handset hanger is similar to our TG-419X1010 but offers the new recessed back plate allowing for faster field replacement of the handset on the hook switch.

Shipped completely pre-wired, ready and easy to connect! Wiring terminates into a terminal board.